Monday, 31 December 2012

Top Of The Line Ge Security Systems To Keep Your Business And Home Safe

GE stands for General Electric, they have sold their security division to UTC, but you can rest assured that their products are still being made to the same exacting standards. GE securitysystems have been market leaders for a long time and they include all kinds of systems that keep your airport, businesses and even your homes safe. They are a company that specializes in making and maintaining top of the line security solutions. Some of these security solutions are

  • Intruder alert alarm systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Video surveillance and access control systems
  • Detection of illegal drugs and explosives
  • Miscellaneous other kinds of custom and general purpose security systems

Intruder alert alarm system

It is the basic alarm system, which you can buy from the countertop, but you can add lots of variations and gadgets to it to get a customized solution that fits your unique needs. They include some of the industry’s top systems with a range of products that suit your needs. They include complex systems that allow an integrated system to run complex security procedures for a big corporation to small inexpensive alternatives for small and medium enterprises.

Fire Alarm systems

Again, they offer something for everyone as their system includes everything from smoke detectors of all sizes and varieties. You can use these solutions for different organizations according to their size and budget. Again, one can customize these solutions with the help of a wide range of products that this company produces to suit the individual needs of any company or home.

Video surveillance and access control systems

It is always important that who gets an access to what at different levels of any organization. With industrial espionage at all times high, it is imperative for development companies in particular and all companies in general to find ways to control and monitor access to different sections very carefully. These tools developed by GE allow the companies to maintain that control. It does not only allow who gets the access to the system, but also allows keeping a record of all the people who has the access to that system. It means that it offers extra protection as the potential thief will know that he will not be able to go free and even if he or she can make an invalid use of his or her access privileges. They are going to catch him or her eventually.

Detection of illegal drugs and explosives

With an increase in the global incidents of terrorism and American interests and personnel under a constant threat from these agents of chaos who want to damage American interests. It is imperative that constant vigilance should be maintained at all times and these products help keep the boundaries safe. Besides airports and other entry points into the country, many corporations are also employing these systems to keep their home and overseas offices safe.

Miscellaneous products

To cut the long story short, if you have a security need than there is more than even chance that GE security has a solution for you.

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