Monday, 31 December 2012

Top Reasons Why Simon Xt Is A Wireless Do It Yourself Security System Is Best In The Business

Everyone needs a way to protect their home at this time of uncertainty and almost total chaos that exists in the American streets right now. There was a time when people used to think that their home as their fortress and bastion of peace in the turbulent waters of chaos, but unfortunately it is not true anymore. You need a reliable home security system that can protect both your loved ones and your valuables from the hands of the lawless elements that abound in society now a day. Some of the top reasons why you need a Simon XT wireless system are:

  • They are rather less expensive than some of the other systems that are do available in the market.
  • You do not need an expert to install them, you can make use of an easy to install guide that allows you to install the system yourself.
  • You can take advantage of free monitoring that different companies offer to their customers.
  • Usually these companies have a completely ready backup and offices that constantly monitor your property and are ready to respond in any kind of emergency or break in.

Latest features that are available with this alarm system

There are lots of great new features that you can add to your basic package and improve the quality and range of the protection that is available to your family and your home.

  • You can upgrade to the latest touch screen system for better control and ease of use
  • You can take advantage of cellular communication and get immediate notification of any threat that your home might have to face.
  • Additional wireless sensors, which you can install for doors and windows of your home to keep all points of entry and exits to and from your home, safe from any intruder intent on harming your property or loved ones.
  • Motion detectors as a backup in case someone can get past the initial defenses of your home security system.
  • You have the option to use the Keychain remote that allows you to approach without any alarms going off while keeping your home safe from people who are intent on harming you.
  • You can make use of variety of warranty options, which range from 2 – 3 years and offer protection to not only your panel only to the entire system.

Top reasons for opting Simon XT wireless do it yourself security system

  • You get peace of mind that your home is safe even when you are away
  • Lot of flexible plans that allow you to choose the one, which is right for your needs and even more importantly it fits your budget.
  • You can get special discounts from your insurance company by installing this system as it makes their investment safer.


This is an easy to install and maintain system, which keeps your home safe without putting an undue burden on your finances. In fact, it will help you save money and your peace of mind in the end. So go out and be safe by installing one of these systems. 

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